Farming Systems

The Onesimus Garden is a pioneer initiative of the Onesimus Ministry. Through partnership with a local farm, it is able to produce good quality, chemical-free vegetables for the local communities through minimal use of land resources.

The Onesimus Garden utilises 4 different hi-tech farming systems:









Vegetables are grown in water, without the use of soil. Nutrients required for plant growth are dissolved in the water to give mineral nutrient solutions, from which the plants derive their nutrients.









In aquaponics, vegetables and fish are grown in a re-circulating system. Bacteria breaks down compounds in the fish waste into beneficial nutrients for the plants, and the water from the fish tank is pumped to the plants. This water then travels back into the tank, having been naturally filtered, and is suitable for fish rearing.

Traditional Soil








Traditional soil farming methods are used in conjunction with soil advantage solutions to give high productivity and ensured quality harvest.

G-Farm System

The G-Farm System is a proprietary crop production system developed by Agro Genesis Pte Ltd that uses best-in-class sustainable farming practices and chemical-free solutions to produce crops. Read more about it here.


Growing vegetables with g’farm system.


Komega Perilla Farm Tour, Korea

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