charlieCharlie Toh

I had a happy family whom I loved dearly. I fallaciously believed that the way to show my love for them was through money. In order to earn more money, I got involved in drug trafficking and was subsequently arrested. I was in and out of prison and drug rehabilitation centres for four times. While serving my time, I met ex-prisoners, who returned to share with us their new lives as Christians outside the prison. I thought to myself “If God can change them, surely He too can change me!”

Upon my release from prison, I found out that my ex-wife had left with our two children. My prayer then was that I could at least maintain contact with my children. Thank God He heard my prayer; I am now able to meet up with my teenage children and we have a close relationship. Yes, our God is real and He hears and answers our prayers!

God has indeed changed my life and I will not return to my former life of drugs. I now have the opportunity to serve in church, as well as work in Onesimus Garden. Praise God!

josephJoseph Low

I was a gangster and a drug addict, and had been in and out of prisons for about 10 times over the years. Although I had come to know God earlier, I failed many times along the way as I did not obey and follow Him.

I was encouraged by others with similar backgrounds when I saw their lives being changed as they trusted in God. So now, I want to follow God closely, surrendering my life to God and letting Him change my life.

Working in Onesimus Garden is hard work, but I view it as doing God’s work. We encounter many problems but we resolve them amicably and learn many life lessons. We also encourage each other as we work as a team, and we feel joy in doing God’s work together. Now I too am ready to be used by God to encourage others, especially those of similar backgrounds.

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